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Frequently asked questions

About the Gameplay


What happens if I have no cards left in my hand? 

If you still have Dreams and Cash cards, continue to draw 2 Action Cards on your turn and continue playing your Actions. If you have no cards on hand, no Dreams, and no Cash cards (jialat la), you may draw 5 Action cards from the Action Pile.

What if someone is caught holding more than 8 cards in his/her hand? 

The player has to discard the excess cards into the Discard Pile (not considered an action), and lose a turn.

If target player has to pay me Cash, does this go into my hand or bank (on table)?

All stolen/gained Cash from other players goes into the bank and not the hand.


Can you stop someone from buying Dreams using the “Stop” cards?

Yes, you can use cards like "Gahmen Say Cannot" or "Circuit Breaker" to stop a player from buying Dreams.

If I steal a Dream from another player, can I choose which Dream to steal?

Yes - if the action permits you to "steal" a Dream, you can choose which Dream to steal. However, if the player "loses" a Dream to you, then the player chooses which Dream to give to you.

If a player uses a card that affects all players (Eg: All players to pay 100K). Can I use the Sabo or Taichi card? If yes, what happens?

Yes! However, both the Sabo and Taichi of cards only applies the specifc action used on you/the group, hence:

  • Sabo: The player who used the action card on you/the group has to pay you 100K instead as you have reflected the specific action (paying 100K) back to the player who used the card.

  • Taichi: You can choose another player to pay the 100K on your behalf (hence they will have to pay 200K) because you have redirected that specific action onto another player.


For cards that state “For a turn” (Eg: Work From Home – Put target player on mute for a turn…), is this my turn or their next turn?
It will be until YOUR next turn, given you are the one who played the Action card.


For Dreams cards that go back to Dream pile, does this go to the top or bottom of the pile?

Bottom of the Pile.


How does the Safe Distancing Card work?

The moment the card is played, all players (including the one who played it) has to maintain a distance of 1 meter from each other. If 2 players are too close, BOTH players will lose a Dream. Of course, if you don’t have any dreams, you have nothing to lose ;)



If you have any other questions, please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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